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The Website offers a platform where Users may access to the updated information of the Peruvian company TAMA INGENIEROS S.A.C. The User also has the option to contact the company and  submit their resume (Curriculum) to be considered for future job offers.
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Once the user accesses the facilities expressly authorizes TAMA INGENIEROS S.A.C. to make use of their information for the purpose of each facility allowing TAMA INGENIEROS S.A.C. to contact the user.
Communications concerning the administration of the facilities may be sent to tamasac@tama.pe

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The insertion of an image broadcast on the Website on a page not belonging to TAMA INGENIEROS S.A.C. by the technique called “inline linking”, if it does not have the prior written permission of TAMA INGENIEROS S.A.C.


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In this regard, TAMA INGENIEROS S.A.C. shall not be liable to the User (except in respect of injury, death of any person resulting from our negligence or fraud) regardless of any form of action, whether in contract, tort (including negligence and breach of statutory duty), strict liability, or otherwise, for any lost profits, lost business, contracts or revenues, or for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage or otherwise, of whatever nature arising directly or indirectly from your access to or use of the Website. Any decision that the User makes on the basis of the information contained on the Website is the sole responsibility of the User.

By accessing this Website, you agree that paragraph #10 regarding to limitation of liability is reasonable and reflects the nature of our Website.

The various treatment of personal data that TAMA INGENIEROS S.A.C. performs through the Website, as well as the purposes of such treatment, will be specifically detailed in the Privacy Policy of the Website to which the User can access through the following link: Privacy Policy.

The participation of a User in the Website does not constitute or create any partnership, representation or mandate contract, nor any labor relationship between the User and TAMA INGENIEROS S.A.C.

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