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In TAMA INGENIEROS S.A.C., we care about creating value.

The following services and opportunities are available for you to make better decisions, save costs, avoid reworks, etc.

  • Advising in the contractual commercial part, especially in explaining in detail the document T-GC-DC-05 General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
  • Technical advising on technical issues such as estimates, technical standards, and operating issues.
  • Our rates per hour or fraction thereof, depending on the level of consulting, are from $300 to $500 + VAT.
  • Supply of special and commercial raw materials, in pieces, with their corresponding quality certifications.
  • Sale of second use equipment and tools.
  • Forms, procedures or documentation, as the case may be.

To request your quotation, you must identify yourself with your name, company name, corporate email, etc., and send your information to

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